Precimax Engineers Limited
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We are a Limited Liability organization, engaged in manufacturing and supplying Galvanizing Plants for galvanizing industry and are acknowledged for the cost effective technology and reliability. We have the latest technologies with experienced engineers for manufacturing equipments and provide services to galvanizing industry as per international standards. Our products and services follow highest standard and international specifications.

PRECIMAX Galvanizing Plants and Furnaces cover entire National & International territory including Asia, Africa, Middle East and Far East. We are based in Mumbai, India. Backed by 50 years of Experience to over 200 clients, we are engaged in supplying Galvanizing Plants and Furnace with manufacturing and supplying equipments to galvanizing industry. We use only high grade raw material, procured from reliable and authorized vendors, for manufacturing these products including self standing plastic tanks for pretreatment, Driers, High velocity pulse fired galvanizing furnaces. Dross grabs, zinc pumps wire galvanizing lines, flux generation units and pollution control equipment for galvanizing plants such as acid fume enclosures and zinc fume enclosures.

PRECIMAX Galvanizing Plants and Furnaces has technical collaborations with some internationally renowned companies which provide you with state-of-the-art equipments, That's because Precimax operates on the premise that only the most creative and innovative organization can keep up with the growing and expanding market and that technical strength and ability are ingredients vital to its growth. We at PRECIMAX recognize the fact that anyone can build inexpensive equipment with poor quality or high quality equipment at high costs. Cost versus quantity, Quality versus cost. We work hard not to compromise one or the other.


  • Image 1

    Pre Treatment Tanks for Galvanizing Plant

  • Image 2

    Enclosure for Galvanizing Plant

  • Image 3

    Drier for Galvanizing Plant

  • Image 4

    Pre Treatment Tanks

  • Image 5

    Flux Regeneration Unit

  • Image 6

    Galvanizing Plant in Operation

  • Image 7

    Enclosure for Zinc Fumes

  • Image 8

    Galvanizing Plant

  • Image 9

    Flux Heating

  • Image 10

    Bag Filter for White Fumes